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Loading data

Loading data is used when we want to create or update multiple documents.

This process may result in

  • Multiple documents are registered.

  • Multiple documents are updated.

  • Multiple documents are registered or updated.

Loading of data is done by using files in CSV format which are uploaded to RamBase, and processed asynchronously.

Tasks involved in this process

  • Create a load file - If multiple documents should be created or updated, a load file must be created.

  • Process the load file with a relevant load program - A load file has been created and must be processed by a load program so the documents can be created or updated.

  • Check the log for loading results - After the load program has been completed the log should be checked to see if any errors were reported.

  • If necessary, modify the entries that could be loaded and repeat - If the load program reported any errors, the rows that there were reported errors on must be modified and reloaded.