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Register supplier credit notes

Crediting refers to the process of receiving credit notes (SCN) from suppliers in response to complaints about received goods and/or services. Crediting is considered as the opposite to invoicing, according to the way the transactions are executed in the general ledger.

It is important to remember the nature of credit notes. Credit notes reduces the billed amount, it is not a new invoice. The credit note points out the decrease in payables.

When your company receive a credit note from a supplier it has to be manually registered in RamBase.

Register a credit note
  1. To open the Supplier Invoice (SIN) application, find Finance in the RamBase menu and then Payables. Click Supplier invoices to enter the SIN application.

  2. Find the supplier invoice to be credited and press ENTER.

  3. To make a credit note for all items on the invoice: On the document level, press F12 to open the action menu and choose the option Transport all items or click the transport icon in upper right corner of the SIN window.

  4. To make a credit note for a single item on the invoice: Highlight the specific item and press ENTER. Press F12 and choose the option Transport Item or click the transport icon on current item lines.

  5. Select the option New Supplier Credit Note and press ENTER.

  6. Verify the information in the popup and click the OK button. The new Supplier Credit Note (SCN) is editable (St:1) and information like YourNo and other terms may be added/edited.

  7. Press F12 and choose the option Register Supplier Credit Note. The SCN is then registered (St:4) and awaits settlement.