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Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)

Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) is a unique identifier for a certain product. It differs from a serial number, which identifies the product model, as it also identifies the manufacturer behind the product. This is useful in situations where the same product is produced by multiple manufacturers, but the properties of the product differ between the manufacturers.


It is possible to choose which manufacturer you want to order the product from in the following RamBase documents: Purchase quote request (SRQ), Purchase quote (SQU), Purchase order (SPO), Purchase order response (SOA) and Goods reception (SSA).

Field descriptions
  • ManufacturersProductId (NO): Manufacturer product identifier.

  • ProductId (IT): Product identifier. This points to the product the MPN should be connected to.

  • Status (ST): Status of manufacturer product

  • Name (MFRPART): Manufacturers name of the product. Also known as Manufacturer Part Number (MPN).

  • ManufacturerId (MFRNO): Manufacturer identifier.

  • Ispreferred (ISPREFERRED): Manufacturer products can be set as preferred. This is only for information. You may have several preferred MPNs for the same product.

  • PackageQuantity (PACKQTY): Total quantity of the product within a package.

  • BundleQuantity (SUBQTY): Quantity of the product within each bundle. E.g. if the total package quantity is 100, they might be stored within the package in bundles of 10. Bundle quantity should then be set to 10.

  • BundleWrapping (PACK): Type of wrapping used for each bundle inside the package. E.g. tray, tube, reel.

  • LastTimeBuyDate (LASTTIMEBUYDAYTE): The last time buy (LTB) date is the last date on which the manufacturer will accept orders for this product.

  • InternalNote (NOTE): Internal note/comment about manufacturers product.

Setting up a Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) for a product

The manufacturer number (MPN) is set directly on the product. Open an existing product in the ART archive.

  1. When in the product view, press F12 and choose the option View and maintain the manufacturers product.

  2. This will send you to the MPN application. The product ID is displayed in the Product field in the form ART/#XXXXXX.

  3. Click the button at the bottom called Create new manufacturers product.

  4. Select the manufacturer and create a name for the MPN. Click OK when finished.


NOTE: The first MPN you make for a product will automatically be set as the default. Uncheck this box if you do not want this to be default. You can see which MPN is default for a product by checking the Misc-folder in the product document (ART).

Selecting another MPN on transaction documents

When adding a new product to a transaction document, the deafult MPN will be chosen. If you want to choose another, use the drop-down menu in the Manufactuers product name field and choose your preferred MPN.

Other processes influenced by MPN

Purchase Order (SPO) - The Package quantity and Bundle quantity of the MPN will be used when checking if the quantity of a purchase order is according to how the manufacturer pack their goods. This only applies for purchase order lines where MPN is set.

The Purchase application (PUR) - If the default MPN of a product has Package quantity and/or Bundle quantity entered, this information will be available in PUR, together with the suppliers minimum order quantity.