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Delivery Project (PRO)

Delivery project is a RamBase-tool that give you status and overview of cost/man-hours and revenue on selected sales orders. Once you have collected one or more sales orders on a project, you will see the total resource usage and can check that the cost does not exceed the budget or the plan.

  1. Create a delivery project and tag a selection of sales orders from the same customer.

  2. Use the snapshot for status overview and cost control

  3. Visualize the status with charts.

  4. Add milestone to the reports

  5. Use completed % to calculate accrued income.

  6. Export reports to Excel


The tool is limited to cost and revenue directly assigned to the sales order items. It is not possible to add extra cost like purchased services that is not linked to a sales order item. The work breakdown structure (WBS) list in the snapshot is a fixed structure related to the article. The most detailed overview comes from articles with a structure (class K or KA).

How to start the process

The “Delivery Project”-tool starts by enter PRO in the program field in RamBase. The screen is divided into two spaces:

To the left: Delivery project overview

To the right: Reports and orders connected to the highlighted delivery project

  1. Create a new delivery project using the Create new project-button in the lower left corner. Select the customer and give the delivery project a name.

  2. Attach a sales order, or several, by opening the Orders folder and clicking the Add order to project-button at the bottom.

  3. Click the Activate project-button in the action menu to activate the project

Overview of tabs in the right area of the screen


Once a day, RamBase creates a snapshot of the delivery project. Just find the snapshot tab in the right side of the screen.

This gives you a day by day overview of your delivery project:


Note: If the delivery project has low activity, the snapshot will just show on days with changes.

Details in the snapshot

Snapshots can be made at any time if the delivery project is active by using the button clip0916.jpgin the upper right part of the screen. It will run automatically every night and present a new snapshot if there are changes since the last snapshot.


Choose the tab “Snapshots” in the right area of the screen.

At the right end of the highlighted item – click on the arrow-link as highlighted in the figure above.

This leads to the “delivery project snapshot” screen.


Functionality in snapshot view:

Snapshot header:

Milestone – free text field – appears in snapshot overview on main page.

Completed % - Manual review – will overwrite the calculated field “Accrued Income”.

WBS list

Numbers 1-4: The default view when opening a PROSS is that the WBS lists all levels from the included scopes.

  1. 1 – only show first level of each scope.

  2. 2 – only show two levels of each scope.

  3. 3 – only show three levels of each scope.

  4. 4 – show all levels for each scope.

    Export to excel: Get the number from the snapshot screen copied to an Excel-sheet. This function will only export the selected columns.

    Expand WBS list: It possible to expand and collapse the WBS list using the small arrows clip0919.jpg in the WBS-list. (WBS = work breakdown structure)

    Comp % related to calculated “Accrued income” in snapshot header. Inherits the value from last snapshot

    Link to documents: By following our small icons clip0920.jpg and clip0921.jpg you can follow the link to a sales order, production order or the product structure.Column view templates

    Columns are selected (and column selection view is closed) by the clip1074.jpg - icon in the WBS list header.

    ‘default view’ is the default, but the user can also now create own templates by:

    - Open column selection and choose columns.

    - Use clip1075.jpgat the bottom of the column list to add a personal template, give it a name and save by the ‘v’: clip1076.jpg.

    - The new template is showing at the top of the column selection as ‘Current view’, and all personal templates are selectable.  The last used template is default when entering a PROSS view.


    This tab gives you an overview over sales orders connected to the delivery project. If the project is in status 4 or lower, you can add or remove sales orders.

    The delivery project can only be related to one customer.

    You must add the total order, not just one or some items.


    The billing tab will show all the invoices connected to the delivery project. Also from an Invoice Plan (CIP) or a Sales Credit Note (CCN).


    Check out the chart function where you can visualize the delivery project.


    Also, check out our new project delivery widgets.