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Settings for Quality management - Complaints and returns

Setting name


Account for Repair Order from Deviation (CDV)

Value in this setting is the Account that should be used on Sales Order (COA) created from the Repair of loan process on a Deviation (CDV). Format to be used: NNNNNN (N for numbers)

Autoforward Sales Invoice/Sales Credit Note (CIN/CCN) from Deviation (CDV)

If this setting is "ON" - the Sales Invoice/Sales Credit Note (CIN/CCN) will be autoforwardet to status 4 when using the option 'Account Action' on Deviation (CDV)

Deviation (CDV) - Copy Freight to new Sales Invoice (CIN)

If this setting is 'ON' - On a Deviation (CDV) with 'ship replacement' or 'repaired product', the new Sales Invoice (CIN) that is created will get Freight copied from the original Shipping Advice (CSA) - the Source on Deviation.

If there is a Sales Invoice in status=1 or 2, an item will be added to this one, and the freight will be copied into this document

Product (ART) for ServiceTime

Value in this setting is a ProductId (e.g. ART/#100000) used for Service hours at 'Service Deviation' (CDV). An item will be created at the Sales Order Item (COA-ITM) for the used Service time. Format to be used: ART/#NNNNNN (N for numbers). NOTE: Setting is only used by the customer Hatteland Display

Require Approval on Invoicing and Crediting from Deviation (CDV)

If this setting is 'ON' - Deviation (CDV) with AccountAction=Creditnote or Invoice will get status=7 when the goods are received from Customer. The option 'Released for Account Action' must be done before the Sales Credit Note (CCN) can be created. If the setting is 'OFF' - The Deviation will go direct to status=4 when goods are received from Customer

Service Model

If this setting is "ON" - Customer is using the old Service Model in Rambase. Only used by Hatteland Display

Set Linking Blocked in SAP for CusReturn Goods Reception (SSA)

If setting is 'ON' - Set Linking Blocked in default SAP that is created when CusReturn Goods Reception (SSA) is registered

Status on Customer returned Supplier Shipping Advice (SSA)

Value in this setting is either Status '3' or '9'. When you registrate a Supplier Shipping Advice (SSA) marked as CusReturn (Customer Return), the Shipping Advice will get Status 3 or 9 depending of the value in this setting.