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Keyboard Shortcuts

RamBase provides keyboard shortcuts to use the Graphical User Interface (GUI). The following are the most common shortcuts.



Document registration

Create new item

Ctrl + Alt + N

Shift focus to next field


Shift focus to previous field

Shift + Tab

Move the cursor to the next field in the work flow during document registration.

Inspect link, or execute action.


Open field / Edit a drop-down field


Save and close window  / Close action menu


Save and close field

Alt Gr +  S


Move to first item line

Ctrl + Arrow down (This moves the highlight down?)

Next / previous document item


Open action menu

F12 (The F12 key put my computer to sleep, but did nothing in Rambase?)

Close popup or action  menu / Move back in history


Inspect document without links

Mark reference + F10 (what is a mark reference?)

Open the tab

Enter (Enter didn't cause any response?)

Move focus in the document lines

Arrow up/down. Click an item to highlight it, and use the up or down arrows to navigate. (Any item must be in focus, the key will not work if the focus is elsewhere)

Move focus on tabs

Ctrl + Arrow left/right (They are called Sections in the UI?) They are certainly not tabs. Also it does not work consistently.

Move to the last field of the window

End. Click an item to highlight it, and select the End key. (Any item must be in focus, the key will not work if the focus is elsewhere)

The HOME button

The home-button has a varying functionality, depending on where you are in the work flow.

Move the cursor to the first field in an item/popup box

Move the cursor to the tool line in header (if already standing in first field in an item)


Move the cursor to the program-field in overwriting mode

Ctrl + Home

Global shortcuts

Scroll through the program field history

Ctrl + Arrow up/down

Get online help in context




Open Internal message inbox


Open a new internal message (IMS) popup with link to the document you are currently working in

Ctrl + F8

Open File Manager