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Sales can be defined as the process where a company sells one or several articles, where articles are defined as goods or services.


Output from the sales process

  • A one-time sale of a product.

  • A periodical contract sale of a product.

A sale requires that the goods to be sold are either in stock, can be purchased as needed, or produced as needed. This means that a sale process is a large logistical interaction that requires thorough planning.

Tasks involved in this process

  • Maintain the customers and monitor the communication

    The buyers must be defined and handled as customers, with contact persons, terms & agreements and shipping addresses.

  • Receive and process customer requests

    The requests from customers must be processed and followed up by giving quotes.

  • Complete orders

    Customers will continuously place orders, which must be processed and completed.

  • Follow up orders

    Follow up and protect sales backlog, receive and handle change requests, monitor and send customer backlog data.

  • Pricing of the goods

    All goods must have a price, or prices, which needs to be defined and entered.

  • Reporting

    The analysis phase needs information in the form of reports and statistics to successfully follow up customers and agreements.