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Picking to rental orders with handheld terminal (RENTALPICK)

To access the Rental pick (RENTALPICK) application from a handheld terminal/device, choose Logistics_picking and select Confirm pick for rental orders by handheld device. Then scan the ID of the rental Shipping advice (CSA).

The pick may be confirmed either by scanning the Goods reception item (SSAITEM) ID or scanning the serial number. The picking process may be traced continually, as RamBase will show how many of the total picks have been picked at any point.

When in the Rental pick (RENTALPICK) application, RamBase will suggest a picking order by default. Users may override this in two ways, either by:

  • Tapping the arrows to navigate between different items to scan, or

  • Turn on the Custom pick option to scan independently of which item is on the screen of the handheld terminal/device

Default sorting

Stock location is the default RamBase sorting. However, it is possible to change the default sorting in the Company setting (CSV) Default sorting for pick of Rental shipping advice (CSA). The two other default sorting options are Shipping advice item and Product id.


When entering the Rental pick (RENTALPICK) application, a user may choose his/her preferred sorting for each picking. This is done by tapping the Sorting icon and selecting the preferred sorting for the specific picking. The options are the same as in the Company setting (CSV) described above: Stock location, Shipping advice item and Product id:

  • Stock location: Presented in rising alpha numerical order. (Starting with any blank stock locations, presented as Unassigned.)

  • Shipping advice item: Presented in the same order as the items in the Rental shipping advice (CSA).

  • Product id: Presented in rising numerical order.


Sorting is only active when Custom pick is turned OFF.

Custom pick

When Custom Pick is ON, the user may scan any Goods reception item (SSAITEM) ID or serial number to be picked. (It does not have to match the item on the screen of the handheld device.) RamBase will then try to find the right Shipping advice item (CSAITEM) to pick based on product in the Goods reception item (SSAITEM) ID.

Turning OFF Custom pick does not reset the picking, so the setting may be turned ON/OFF according to preferences at any point during the picking.

If Custom Pick is first set to ON and then OFF, the screen will always show the first pick in the original picking order suggested by RamBase.


If the Company setting (CSV) Allow to pick from goods reception (SSA) which is assigned to Shipping advice (CSA) is switched on, it is possible to swap like for like during picking. If the user scan a different Goods reception item (SSAITEM) ID or serial number than RamBase suggest, the program will attempt to swap links with the Goods reception (SSA) that is assigned to the Shipping advice (CSA). The conditions for a successful swap are:

  • The Goods reception item (SSAITEM) have the same product and location as the original Goods reception item (SSAITEM) ID assigned to the specific Shipping advice item (CSAITEM) and

  • The goods have not already been picked.