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Set up for Sales invoice consolidation

Sales invoices based on goods are mostly created automatically by the system. Certain parameters in the customer account details controls the automated batch process of invoicing. The system use the Shipping Advices (CSA) to produce sales invoices.

The fields to detail the information needed in the invoicing process are located in the Customers (CUS) application, Settings tab, Finance subtab and finally Invoice area.

The Invoice area has the following fields:

  • Sales invoice consolidation: Specifies whether or how often shipping advice will be consolidated when creating sales invoices. It has the following options:

    • Auto fwd no cons- Generates the sales invoice as soon as the customer shipment advice (CSA) is registered.

    • Manually fwd to invoice- Excludes the sales invoice to be generated automatically, causing it to be handled manually.

    • Auto fwd daily cons- Generates the sales invoices by a batch job on a daily basis, usually around midnight.

    • Auto fwd weekly cons- Generates the sales invoices by a batch job on a weekly basis, usually during the weekend.

    • Auto fwd monthly cons- Generates the sales invoices by a batch job once a month, usually on the last day of the month.

  • Sales invoice consolidation field: Field name to group by when consolidating shipping advice items into sales invoices.

  • Sales invoice item sort by: Field name to sort by when creating sales invoice items.