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Opportunities (OPP) is found in the menu under CRM. You can also write OPP in the program field and press ENTER.

This application is used to register business opportunities and follow them through the different stages, from lead to deal. These stages are created in the Opportunity Stages application.


Creating a new opportunity

  1. Click the Create new opportunity-button down in the left corner.

  2. Enter the necessary information

    • Opportunity title: Give the opportunity a name, for example the name of the company.

    • Customer: If the company is an existing customer, add the name here. If the company is not a customer, leave this blank until you have the information to fill it in.

    • Contact: Add the company contact here.

    • Assigned to: The employee who is in charge of the follow up.

    • Value / NOK: The expected value of the lead. The value can be categorized as one-off revenue or recurring, periodic income.

    • Probability: The probability of a successful closing.

    • Closing date: The expected time of fulfillment.

    • Stage: Which stage the lead is in.

  3. Click OK when finished. The lead is now placed in the opportunities board based on the step chosen.

To view details regarding the opportunities in the board, use the radio-buttons to the right of the search-field. These buttons allow you to change to the alternative views - Opportunities details and Opportunities prognosis.