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The Task process template details (PTMD) application

In the Task process template details (PTMD) application, users manage a specific task process template and its belonging tasks.

The application is accessed through the Task process template (PTM) application. In the Task templates tab, click on the Arrow icon to the far right on a task item. This will open the task template process along with its corresponding template tasks in the Task process template details (PTMD) application.

Task process template area

The The Task process template area displays the details of the task process template. If needed, the information may be edited.

Task templates area

The Task template area displays a list of the template tasks associated with the task template process. It is possible to add new tasks to the template by clicking the Add task to template in the lower left corner, entering the relevant information, and clicking the Create button.

The area has sorting and filtering functionality.

Task template details area

In the Task template details area, users may add more information to each specific template task, or edit existing information.

Task template checklist tab

The Task template checklist tab lets users manage and keep track of checklist items of the task template. It has sorting and filtering functionality.

Add a checklist item
  1. Click Add item in the lower left corner of the tab.

  2. Type a descriptive label for the checklist item in the Text field (mandatory).

  3. Select type of checklist item in the Type field, either Checkbox (default) or Yes/No.

  4. If the checklist item is mandatory before completing a task, check the Required checkbox.

  5. Click the Create button to create the checklist item in Status 4.

The checklist item is activated (and later deactivated) by clicking on the status of the relevant checklist item, and selecting the appropriate option (Activate selected items or Deactivate selected items) from the Context menu.

The title/label of the checklist item may be edited by clicking the Edit title icon next to the title of the relevant item.

Users may change the type of the checklist item directly on the item by selecting the appropriate option (Checkbox or Yes/No) in the Type drop down menu.

It is possible to edit whether the checklist item is required directly on the item by checking/unchecking the Required checkbox.

Permissions tab


The permissions functionality is only available when the System setting values (SSV) option Use extended permission system on tasks and task processes is turned ON.

In the Permissions tab, the task template permissions are displayed. These are inherited from the process template and may not be edited in the Task process template details (PTMD) application, only on the process in the Task process templates (PTM) application.

Context menu

In the Context menu, users have the option to:

  • Delete task template.

  • Deactivate task template (set to Status 9, Inactive).

  • Activate task template (set to Status 4, Active).

A task template must be active to be included when a task process is started from a task process template.

In the Context menu, users also have the option to:

  • Activate checklist items (set to Status 4, Active).

  • Deactivate checklist items (set to Status 9, Inactive).

  • Delete checklist items.


If a process has been started from the task process template, it is no longer possible to activate or deactivate task templates or task template checklist items.