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A purchasing process may be defined as the process for acquiring goods or services to accomplish the goals of an organization.

Output from the purchase process

  1. Purchasing need is identified.

  2. Several purchasing needs for one article is consolidated.

  3. Purchase registered and allocated to a customer- or production order.

  4. Purchase registered.

  5. Requisition purchase registered.

A purchase may be related to a quoting process where terms and agreements are set, or it may be a purchase completely without the time extensive quoting process. If so, there is less room for negotiations and comparing different offers from the suppliers. With smaller requisition purchases, there is no need for requesting and receiving quotes.

The essential thing when purchasing goods based on the needs related to customer orders, production orders or other orders going out is that the purchased goods are allocated to those.

Tasks involved in this process

  1. Identify need for purchase

    The working queue for one purchaser is often a list of articles or services which is needed.

  2. Create purchase orders

    Make purchase orders for the wanted goods.