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In service, the planning process may be defined as the period where you plan the service job.

This process may result in

  1. The service job starts at the agreed time and date.

  2. The service job is delayed due to missing resources or goods.

  3. The service job is rushed due to changes in the service order.

An inquiry for service usually requires a desired date for completion. This depends on the complexity of the service job, in addition to the availability of the needed resources. With these factors, it is possible to calculate and confirm the the date directly from the planning process. During the planning process the confirmed date will then be available, and the service job can be ordered from the service operators.

Tasks relevant for this process

  1. Change time for service job

    The service job is usually created on the base of a service order with a desired completion date. This must be allocated and confirmed.

  2. Ordering service job

    When the service job considered ready for registration, it must be made available for the service operators.