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Cancel or modify a Sales Order

To cancel parts of a Sales Order (COA), you may enter the desired item(s) and use the context menu option Cancel Item. This is normally performed in situations where the customer only want parts of the delivery, or where the seller can not deliver all items on a COA anyway.

To cancel parts of a COA item, you may enter the desired item and use the context menu option Forward to sales order. In the Forward to sales order popup, write the amount you want to cancel in the Forward quantity field. Click on the Forward button to create a new COA. In the COAITEM view for the new COA, change the Quantity field to 0 and register the COA.

To cancel the whole COA, use the context menu option Cancel sales order. This will cancel the total order.

Change parts of a Sales Order

If the customer wants to discuss the terms, change required delivery date etc they have got confirmed in the COA and the seller agrees to this, the COA must be transported to a new COA. There are two ways of doing this, depending on if it is the whole order, or just parts of it the customer wants to change.

To transport all, or parts of a COA to a new COA, click the action menu option Forward Item. Then choose destination Forward to sales order if the lines is to be added to a new COA. If not you may choose one of the existing COAs available when choosing the Forward to existing order in the popup. You may also add the cause of the change if desired in the Caused By field, and/or add a note in the Note field.

If the item(s) to be transported to a new COA has quantity higher than 1, you may also choose the quantity to be transported using the Forward Quantity field. If you do not want the full quantity transported the remaining quantity will remain in the original COA.

Delete and backward item

To backward the item to the previous document, choose the Delete and backward item option in the context menu. It is also possible to use the trashcan icon on the item line.