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Qualification administration

Qualifications management

The qualifications management gives you an overview of the personnel’s qualifications and competencies

This process may result in:

  • Management of personnel education, courses, certificates and competencies

  • New courses, certificates and competencies defined and set to employees.

  • Competence matrix

RamBase holds a detailed qualifications archive where the employees or authorized personnel can maintain their own qualifications profile. There they can add education, courses, certificates and competencies.

Task involved in this process:

  • Registration of new employee qualifications - Employees register education, courses and acquired certificates.

  • Maintain competencies - Employees can register their level of knowledge on the company’s defined competence tree.

  • Administration of courses, certificates and competence tree - Authorized personnel can register courses and certificates to separate archives to make personnel qualifications registration easier and more consistent. The competence tree is also defined by authorized personnel

  • Competence matrix - Search and look at several employee’s competencies for easy comparison and to get an overview of all competence areas and the employee’s level of knowledge.