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Internal Message Service (IMS)

Internal Message Service (IMS) is used to send messages between RamBase users.


Inbox shows all your received messages, and Sent shows all the sent messages. Drafts contains messages you have created and saved, but not sent. You can filter what is displayed by using the radio buttons at the bottom of the window.

Send an Internal Message

To send an Internal message

  1. Select Collaboration>Notes and messages>Messages from the RamBase menu to open IMS. You can also select the F8 key or select Envelope_Icon.svg in the toolbar.

  2. Click Create new message to open the message popup.

  3. Select the recipient in Select Person. Type the person's name and click the arrow to search for the email address.

  4. Enter your message in the Message field and click Send.

  5. You can also send your message to a group of persons. Refer to Send Internal Messages to a Group (GRP) for instructions.

Send a link by email

If you want to send the link to your message by email:

  1. Select the F12 key to open the action menu and choose the Send Link by e-mail option.

  2. Your default email client opens with the link in the message, and the document ID as the subject.

  3. Send the email.