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Structures management

A product structure can be defined as the content of a production, a combination of parts and operations, which is combined to produce goods.

This process may result in

  1. Creation of a new product structure.

  2. Modification of an existing product structure.

A product structure, or the content of the production, differs from product to product. But the same product may have different product structures. For example: One specific computer monitor consists of a certain type of parts and operations, while other monitors have different parts. Parts in this situation are motherboard, power supply and screen while operations are soldering, assembly and packaging. The monitor product may receive updates, where certain parts are changed for the better, while still being the original monitor product. This calls for a modification of the product structure.

Tasks related to this process

  1. Creating a new product structure

    The finished product and parts need to be structured into a product structure in the ERP system. Cost, time and price is defined.

  2. Adding attachments

    Attachments, such as drawings, instructions and other version-specific documents are connected to the structure.

  3. Approving the product structure

    After the product structure is created, it needs to be approved by an approver.

  4. Modifying product structure

    The finished product may be modified using the original as base.