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Categorization is the process of grouping similar products together.

This process may result in

  • Easier to find products.

  • Easier to present products.

By grouping and categorizing products you can strengthen the traceability of the products in question. Some companies have very large product range while others have less, but the value within categorizing the products is the same. You choose a set of products, sharing a certain set of properties, and use this to group them. It may be beneficial for a company operating with final products to categorize their goods by which final products they will be a part of, or which resources they are compatible with. Another example may be a company which sells their products through a web-shop, and wants to present their products in a web shop solution, or desired menu filtration. Products may be grouped by free-text, or more in depth using hierarchical builders.

Tasks relevant for this process

  • Defining the structure and common factor(s) for the group sorting - The layout of the group sorting and categorization needs to be set up.

  • Grouping products by given structure - The products are classified by given structure.

  • Maintain the structure and the common factor(s) the products are grouped by - Any modifications to how the products are grouped needs to be set up correctly and implemented.