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Sales Calculator

The Sales Calculator is used to calculate sales price using operation and material cost together with added margin. It is a very helpful tool to control all aspects of pricing, both cost and sale, in a kit in the sales process.

There are several ways of accessing the Sales Calculator:

  1. At CRQ / CQU / COA item with Class = K* and special structure

  2. At CSO item 2 (Class = KM)

  3. At PWO with special structure


Enter the relevant document and click on the option Sales calculator in the Context menu to open the program.

Box descriptions
  1. Part

    This box shows the part number, text (part description) and Qty (sales quantity).

  2. Cost Per Piece

    Operations costs, material cost and added costs specified and summed per product.

  3. Total Cost

    Operations costs, material cost and added costs summed for the specified sales quantity.

  4. Sales Price Per Piece

    Calculated product sales price (per piece) based on sales prices for each line shown in the structure item lines.

  5. Customer

    When accessing the calculator from ART the customer can be selected.  This will enable the action buttons to create CRQ / CQU / COA documents.

The item lines

The item lines shows the valid structure of the ART (or the special structure for CRQ / CQU / COA / CSO / PWO) with costs, sales price and margin for each line.

Cost price per line

The cost price for each line is showing the variable / fixed cost per piece to be produced.  The values are read from the corresponding structure item and divided by the sales quantity when using the calculator for CRQ / CQU / COA / CSO / PWO.  Each line shall always present the cost per operation/material based on producing one single product.  Producing > 1 will lead to lower total fixed cost per quantity.

Cost price

The cost price is comprised of material/article, operations and added costs, divided by the sales quantity.

The added cost may be linked to operations, materials, the complete structure or the sum of all the materials used. The form may be a fixed amount, variable amount or a variable percentage. The added cost must be defined in the Cost Archive (CST).

Sales price

The sales price showing for each line may be calculated from several sources, based on the sales price and cost related to materials/articles, operations and the added costs.

Using the calculator

The calculator is primarily used in situations where you need to calculate the specific price for a kit, based on quantity with a concrete sales price, cost price and the margin (in percentage) for the specific parts and operations. You may also see the margin for the total kit.

You may also create a CRQ, CQU and COA for the kit in question directly from the calculator by choosing a customer (CUS) in the upper right corner.

Making a special structure (copy from ART) in a COA will also give you the opportunity to tweak the prices for the specific COA. Use the save icon in the Sales Price Per Piece box to save the price for the COA.