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Human Resources

Human Resource is a module in RamBase which covers personnel management and work hours registration.

This process may result in

  • Personnel registered and details maintained.

  • Worked hours are registered and approved.

  • Payment is performed for worked hours.

The Human Resources handles everything that concerns the employees in a company. All from registering a new employee and keeping access control, to registration of worked hours and maintaining salary and wages. These parts are linked in RamBase so that an employee can access worked hours from the personnel page and vice versa, in just one action.

The tasks relevant for the human resources module may include

  • Register new personnel - New personnel and their details are registered and maintained.

  • Maintain work hours for personnel - Employees register their worked hours using different codes, which needs to be maintained and approved.

  • Use external hour registration systems - RamBase is compatible with different types of external work hour logging systems.