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Procurement Reports

Without following up the procurement side of your business it may badly affect the other business. The procurement process is crucial for detecting discrepancies and implementing the necessary measures.

Output from procurement reporting

  1. The supplier’s backlog is followed up.

  2. The supplier’s billing is followed up.

  3. The supplier’s booking is followed up.

  4. The supplier’s requests/quotes are followed up.

Any serious company will spend a good amount of time and resources on follow up routines concerning every business area they are involved with. Focus on improvement potential and then focus on measures to use this potential will in most cases result in raised profits or larger market share. Clear routines on handling the supplier’s backlog, billing, booking and request will benefit both the supplier and the purchasing part.

Tasks involved in this process

  • Reporting to management / following up key numbers

    There are many types of reports which may be beneficial to be followed up by management, either backlog, booking, billing or quotes.