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Customer management


A customer can be a private person or a company. All customers have different terms and preferences, all of which must be maintained and updated.

Output from the customer management process

  1. A new customer is registered.

  2. The customer’s terms are maintained.

  3. The customer’s contact information is maintained.

  4. Customer relations are closed.

All you need to register on a new customer is name, address, payment and delivery terms, and contact information.

If there is a business relationship with larger customers, you will normally have relations with several contact persons. Some may be purchasers, while others work with invoicing or project management. These people need to be defined with their contact- and work information, in addition to which situations they will be contacted.

Tasks involved in this process

  1. Register a new customer

    A request or an order is received, and the requester must be registered as a customer.

  2. Maintain and update the customers

    Either expand or reduce the terms for the customer, update information and similar.

  3. Document handling

    Setting rules for customers regarding where the different documents will end up.

  4. Communication with the customer

    Sending out reports and other correspondence.