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Select jobs

The main tool for operators is the job queue in the Resource (RES) application. Here they will find the jobs released for production.

To open the Resources (RES) application, find Production in the RamBase menu and then Resource management. Click Resources to enter the RES application.


From here the operator may enter his own resource by highlighting the item line and pressing ENTER.

This will open the resource window which lists all work orders registered on himself.


The folder WorkOrders lists all open work orders which the operator may start. The list of work orders is sorted by planned start date and time, and the status of the work can be seen in the status column. It may be ready to start, in progress, paused or finished.

Most operators are members of a group with their own work orders. If you are in a resource and would like to view the other members work orders, you can check the box at the bottom called Show jobs for other members of RES/X group. To view work details, press F12 to open the action menu and choose the option Work Details. Here you may inspect the group members, transfer resources and add additional resources to the work order.

Radio buttons

You may use the radio buttons to filter the results.

  1. All

    Shows all the operations on the resource.

  2. Active

    Shows all the active operations (ST:3-8) on the resource.

  3. Ready

    Shows all the ready operations (ST:3) on the resource.

  4. In Production

    Shows all the operations in production (ST:5) on the resource.

  5. Wait

    Shows all the operations waiting (ST:2) on the resource.

  6. Completed

    Shows all the completed operations (ST:9) on the resource.

  7. My Tasks

    Shows all the operations registered with the logged in PID as operator.


To pick a work order to start, highlight the desired work order and press ENTER.

Resource Work Order Operations (RWOO)

The Resource Work Order Operations (RWOO) application is used to show the work orders related to a production resource, with all necessary details and links to related documents.

Work Order Operations filter:

This is a pre-made filter where you fill in any information you have regarding the work order operations you want to find using the filter fields. You can filter by serial number, work order number, product name, customer's reference number, operator and associated material. For some resources work order lists, it can be useful to filter the list by the material associated with the operation. An example is cutting operations where it may be wise to choose jobs that use the same material, because it leads to less setup time to switch the tool between jobs.The field 'Material name' can be used to filter jobs by material / part.

How to use the Resource Work Order Operations application
  1. Enter the name of a resource, or click the arrow to search, in the Production resource field.

  2. All work order operations for the resource will be shown in the list below.

From this list it is easy to check relevant information using the different links in the columns:

  • Work order: The link in this column sends you to the Production Work Order (PWO).

  • Product: The link in this column sends you to the Product (ART) document.

  • Operator: The link in this column sends you to the Personnel (PER) document for the user who is set as the operator for the work order operation. If the work order operation is not started, this field will be empty.

  • Columns with icons:

    • Production Status Info: This link sends you to the application for viewing the work order planning operations.

    • Confirm Picking: This link sends you to the PICK application where you can confirm the picking.

    • Scan Picking: This link sends you to the SCANPICK application where you can scan the picking with a handheld device.

  • Link column (last): This link will send you to the Work Order Operation (WOO) application where the operator can perform actions for the work order operation.