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Auction Reports

The auction objects (LOT)

A LOT is an object which is received and prepared for sale by an auction house. Objects are received from suppliers/sellers, and represented in RamBase as lot items. To open the Lot (LOT) application, find Auction in the RamBase menu and then click Receiving lots. Click Lots to enter the LOT application.

You can print a report based on the LOTs using the F12 option Print & Send Correction List, which will open a popup. In the To and From fields you can choose the time interval i.e. a specific week, and if you want it in print or a comma seperated file (csv).

The auction (EVT)

An Auction Event (EVT) is the actual auction event where objects are bid on and sold. To open the Auction Event (EVT) application, find Auction in the RamBase menu and then Preparing auctions. Click Auctions to enter the EVT application.

Enter the auction you want to receive reports for and press F12 to open the action menu. Choose the option Print/Send Documents to open a popup with further choices. The popup will show different types of reports related to the auction, with description of what type it is (description column) and which type of output you will receive (Media and Destination column). Report explanations:

  • Send alle budlister

A batch job which will send a report to the sellers with goods in the auction. It is also possible to send individual reports.

  • Correction list

Similar to the one available on LOT, but will narrow the results to the ones related to the EVT in question.

  • Aftersale

Shows objects, with information regarding price and buyer, sold after the podium auction is finished.

  • Packing list

Used when auction houses prepare shipments after large auctions. Shows information regarding size of object, price, bid number, customer and sequential number of the object.

  • Start price

Gives a quick overview over the starting price of the objects with bids.

  • Visningliste

Shows the type of an object. Used by auction houses during presentation.

Choose one of the item lines and press ENTER to add the report to the bottom section and click the Send button when you are finished.

There are also several other reports available in the EVT application from the F12 menu.

  • Temporary Sales Reports

The preliminary results for the auction. Shows all objects related to a given auction. Sales numbers are based on the DueDate. The last page also contain the summary for the given supplier on the auction in question.

  • Final Sales Reports

The final results for the auction. Based on the same results as the temporary sales report, but then only with sold items. The report does not show the unsold items

The Result List option will open a popup where you need to enter the start and ending LOT number you want in the result list. The Sales Reports options will both open a similar popup where you can add parameters such as auction, seller, invoice, filer etc. You can also edit the output, whether it be print, email or both. These reports can also be triggered from SUP.

The auction supplier (SUP)

Using the F12 option Print/Send Documents from the specific auction supplier opens a similar popup as in the EVT application. There are several reports to choose from here:

  1. Innleveringslister: shows which active objects the supplier has at the time of the report. This does not include unsold LOTs (ST:6).

  2. Rapport for Innlevert Materiale: shows the same as above, but with unsold LOTs.

You can also retrieve the sales reports from SUP, the only difference is that the SUP field is already filled out.