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Project (PRJ)

The Project (PRJ) application lists and holds information about all projects in the company. The purpose of the PRJ application as a account dimension, is to be able to pull up income statements, cost specifications and other financial reports from the various projects. In RamBase, the PRJ is also used to connect assets to certain projects.

Examples where the project dimension may be beneficial are when you need to calculate the actual profit from a large delivery where the income is given from a tender, or when you want to keep an eye on the development costs in a development project.

Create a new Project
  1. To open the Project (PRJ) application, find Finance in the RamBase menu and then Base register. Click Finance projects to enter the PRJ application.

  2. Click the Create new finance project button in the lower left hand corner of the application.

  3. In the popup, insert values in the fields:

    • Id - The id of the Project.

    • Name - The name of the Project.

    • Effective period - The period for the Project to be valid from (YYYYMM).

  4. Click the OK button. The Project will now be set to status 1. It is still editable and needs to be activated in order to enable it for use.

  5. Click the Activate project option in the context menu. The Project will now be set to status 4 and is ready to be used.

Follow up on Project

The transactions posted against a specific Project (PRJ) can be examined in the General Ledger Balances tab. Use the Finance projects area and the General Ledger Balances tab to follow up on the Project.

Finance projects

In the Finance project area it is possible to add optional information:

  • Description - Description of Finance Project.

  • Responsible - Set the Employee (PER) responsible for the Project in this field.

  • Expiration period - Expiration period of the Finance Project.

General Ledger Balances

In the General Ledger Balances tab it is possible to check ledger entries posted against a specific Project. The values in the chart are period year to date amounts:

  • Accounting period - Set the wanted accounting period (YYYYMM). Only last 2 years are allowed.

  • Choose between Balance and Result - See the totals from the balance or the result accounts.

  • Line chart with totals from balance/result accounts - To see the account details, click on one of the circles in the line chart to open the popup General ledger accounts results/balances from the selected period.

Period Amounts

The Period Amounts tab shows all historic period amounts and year to date amounts for the selected project, both for the balance side and the result side. The period amounts and year to date amounts has 2 links:

  • Click on the number to inspect the detailed Ledger Specifications (CAS & SAS items).

  • Click on the icon behind the amount to inspect the General Ledger Postings (ATR items).

Discontinue project

The Project must have a value in the Effective period and Expiration period before it is possible to discontinue it.

  • To discontinue a Finance Project, click the Discontinue project option in the context menu.