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Accounting Dimensions (DIM)

In RamBase, department, projects and assets are dimensions available by default. It is also possible to generate up to seven individually adapted dimensions. The dimensions are listed in, and can be maintained, from the Accounting dimensions (DIM) application.


Default dimensions are set to status 8. The individually adapted dimensions are set to status 4, and the dimensions available for individual adaption are set to status 1.

To inspect values of a dimension, click on the specific dimension.

Dimension values can be retrieved from other base registers in RamBase (per now limited to the Personell (PER) application), values can be entered manually in the DIM application as custom valuelist, or field values from transaction documents could be linked to a dimension.

Dimensions can be allocated to each account with the settings:

  • Not Used (inaccessible).

  • Required (mandatory).

  • Optional (optional).

The use of dimensions should be well considered. Your company's need for financial reporting and control should decide the use of dimensions. It will make you able to achieve financial reports on each dimension, but excessive use of dimensions will required some more work for the accountants when account dimensions should be updated on invoices, credits and other finance transactions.