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A subscription process may be defined as the process where something is sold on a subscription basis. Subscribers will order the goods automatically, unless cancelled by the subscriber in advance.

Output from the subscription process

  • Contract sale to agreed terms within a defined period.

  • Declined sale presented to customer.

Examples of subscription sales are books sold in a book club, stamps in a stamp club or magazines from a publisher.

The subscription is often limited to a period, where the subscriber is rewarded for committing over a certain period.

Tasks related to this process

  • Creating a subscription

    Set terms for the subscription, such as period, membership and frequency.

  • Creating offers concerning the subscription

    Offers can be sent out concerning the subscription to all subscribers.

  • Creating subscription orders

    Orders will be automatically created if they are not cancelled in advance by the subscriber.

  • Maintain subscribers

    Subscribers sign up and off. This overview must be maintained.