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Quality, HSE and Security assurance - QHSES

The QHSES module in RamBase provides the necessary overview to define the right focus areas to support continuous improvement and risk management. The module comes with a separate dashboard with many useful widgets for easy tracking of key-figures indicating the health of the company, including a top ten risk list.

Quality incidents and deviations, HSE observations, and security weaknesses can easily be reported in RamBase, either via the mobile app or the desktop app. Issues will be processed following a flow that matches the way one would naturally handle a quality issue and indicates where in the process an issue is at any given point.

Available features include the following and much more: Review issues, assign issues to colleagues, conduct cause analysis using the why-why method, add consequences and actions, as well as conduct basic risk assessments for reporting and statistical purposes.

The module also comprises risk applications, which provides the opportunity to perform risk assessments in RamBase. Users may choose which areas or RamBase objects to assess, and how to assess them.

The QHSES module covers all requirements needed to work within ISO requirements.