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View Stock Assignment

It is possible to view stock assignments for a product from the Item view using the Stock Assignment (SAR) icon. This will open a new window which shows if there are assignments to the following documents: Sales Order (COA), Shipping Advise (CSA), Customer Quote (CQU), Production Work Order (PWO), Supplier Return (SRT) and Goods Transfer (STW), Service Orders (CSO), Stock Correction (SAW) and Stock Location Assignment (SAP).

  1. To open the Stock Assignment (SAR) window for an SSA item, enter the SSA.

  2. Click the cogwheel in the Items folder.

  3. Select Columns and click on the Assignments check-box.

  4. Click the SAR icon in the Assignments column to open the Stock Assignment window.

Column explanations
  1. ItmSt

    Status of the documents with assignments.

  2. LinkQty

    The quantity that is assigned to this document. If “Pending” is showing in the “Pending” column, then this quantity is pending purchase/manufacturing. If not, it is the quantity that is assigned from the respective Goods Reception.  

  3. Bound

    The quantity that is assigned to this document from Purchase Order (SPO), Purchase Order Response (SOA), Goods Reception (SSA) and Production Work Order (PWO).

  4. Docid

    ID of the document.

  5. Revision

    The product revision from the document.

  6. Pending

    Displays the value “Pending” if the document is pending purchase/manufacturing. You can choose to remove remove documents by unchecking the “Show Pending Orders” button.

  7. ProdStart

    If the assigned documents is a Production Work Order, this is the Start Date from this.

  8. Icons

    Inspect to other applications.

  9. Loc

    The warehouse locations these documents have assignments from.

  10. UserId

    Assignee of the document.

  11. Req

    Requested Delivery date from the document.

  12. Conf

    Confirmed Delivery date from the document.

  13. Gm

    The documents Gross Margin in percent.

  14. Price/NOK

    Price of the documents, converted to currency from the Goods Reception.

Quantity area
  1. FreeQty

    The Goods Receptions available quantity for new assignments.

  2. StockQty

    The quantity of this Goods Reception which have not yet been shipped out from warehouse or been consumed in historical Production Work Orders.

  3. ReservedQty

    A quantity that for any reason is reserved in this Goods Reception. This will reduce available quantity accordingly.

  4. ProdQty

    The quantity from this Goods Reception that has been picked to active Production Work Order.