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Service can be defined as a process which is executed, either on a regular basis or as a single occurrence, to maintain and repair physical products.

A service process may result in

  1. Executed maintenance service for one or several products.

  2. Executed service in relation with sales order.

  3. Executed service in relation to rental order.

A service order is most often initiated through a customer order, for example if someone needs service performed on their car. In other situations service needs are initiated from the the customers own warehouse, for example if the warehouse manager, or product manager, wants to perform maintenance on products or goods on a regular basis over a long period of time. Some goods or products also require regular service to keep certifications. We can again look to the vehicle rental business to see an example of this, with the annual service and certification rental vehicles need to keep EU certification.

Tasks relevant to this module

  1. Create service order

    Requests and orders from customers and/or warehouse needs to be handled and registered.

  2. Plan service

    The service needs to be planned in relation to the time of service, use of time and resources. Confirmation is sent to customer.

  3. Perform service

    The service job itself is performed

  4. Handle service documentation

    After the service has been performed, documentation may be included with the invoice.

  5. Reporting

    Statistics and key figures.