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Batch import images for auctions

Uploading images

Object images to be used in the RamBase auction module are saved in pre-arranged area on the FTP-server;

Any program with FTP-support may be used to upload the images. The server is used exclusively for importing images to RamBase and the images are moved after import.

The images are uploaded as batches with up to 5000 elements. The images are saved in a file catalogue with the prefix BAQ during the process, and this catalogue must remain undisturbed, to ensure uploads without errors. The images are obtained from the FTP-server in intervals, for example every 2 hours, so it may take some time before they can be viewed.

Description for the folder structure on the FTP drop server
  1. Root

    Files to be uploaded are put here.

  2. /Success

    Files successfully uploaded to the auction system are located here. These files will be deleted from this server after a certain time, and is only used as a confirmation that the transfer was a success.

  3. /Error

    Files unsuccessfully uploaded are located here. The error may be technical in nature, or RamBase may have had problems with the file format. The files must be manually checked out, and if they look ok, you may attempt to put them back in root and attempt a re-upload. Corrupt files must be manually deleted.

  4. /Orphan

    The files in this folder does not have a reference specified, as in they are not connected to an auction object (LOTNO). This implies the auction object is described before the image is uploaded on the server.

  5. /Duplicate

    Files recognized as previously uploaded, and are thus identified as duplicates, are uploaded here. This is based on an algorithmic assessment by the system and not file name.

Supported file formats

The supported file format for images are JPG. The image format is 4:3 and it is recommended that the Images are optimized for web viewing.

Naming conventions for files

To associate the files to the correct auction object the file name must reflect the unique LOT-number in RamBase (NO). For auction objects with multiple images you must use a sort key. This sort key is a letter after the number sequence, starting with "a".



LOT/123456 (sequential number, not LOTNO)

File name:


Main image

File name:


Second image

File name:


Third image