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To sign in to RamBase, enter into your browser's address bar. RamBase is compatible with Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

  1. Enter your username and the password. Your username is the combination of an ID-number provided by the RamBase team, and your initials.

    1. If you forgot your password, select the Forgot password? link.

    2. To change your password, select the Change password link.

  2. Select Sign in. If you sign in from a secure zone, your login is successful.

Sign in from outside the secure zone

Secure zones are demarcated by one or several IP-addresses belonging to your workplace. If you sign in from outside the secure zone, you are prompted for a Time-based One-time Password (TOTP). Use third party authenticator apps such as Microsoft or Google Authenticator to generate login codes for login from untrusted networks. Email delivery will be supported as a secondary deliver method in case the app is unavailable.

When you sign in from an untrusted network using SMS based One-time Password (OTP), you will be met with the following screen allowing you to configure TOTP.