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[en] The RamBase mobile application

[en] You can install the RamBase mobile application to your Android or Apple iPhone. The minimum requirement is an Android phone running Android 6.0. To install and use RamBase mobile on your Android phone.

  1. [en] Open Google Play on your Android phone and search for Rambase.

  2. [en] Select Install, the application installs.

  3. [en] When the installation completes, select Open.

  4. [en] If the application requests permission to your media and files, select ALLOW.

  5. [en] Login to RamBase mobile using your username and password, select Sign in with RamBase, or select Sign in Microsoft to login using your Microsoft credentials.

  6. [en] You can login to RamBase by using your fingerprint, if your phone has a fingerprint sensor. You can enable fingerprint login after successful authentication using another login method. In Settings, there is a setting named Fingerprint settings. If this setting is enabled, You can login to RamBase by touching the fingerprint sensor. This setting is enabled by default, you can disable the setting if you do not want to use fingerprint login.



[en] To install and use RamBase mobile on your iPhone.

  1. [en] Open the App store and search for RamBase.

  2. [en] Install RamBase.

  3. [en] Login to RamBase using your username and password. Login to RamBase mobile using your username and password, select Sign in with RamBase, or select Sign in Microsoft to sign in using your Microsoft credentials.


[en] The Work Hour Log (WHL) application

  1. [en] You can use the Work Hour Log (WHL) application to log your hours and manage them.

  2. [en] Select Work Hour Log to open the WHL application.

  3. [en] Select filter_funnel.svg to set a filter to view the logs you require.

  4. [en] Tap the status icon on the left to approve your work hour logs in Status ST:2. The worklog is set in Status ST:3 and is ready for approval by the approver.

  5. [en] Select Stamp in to start and Stamp out to stop your work hour log.

  6. [en] Enter a work hour time period manually by selecting Plus_Sign_Grey_Back.svg and then selecting either Add period or Add multiple periods.


[en] The Work Log Approval Application

[en] You use the Work Log Approval application to approve work hours for those employees you manage. To approve work hours for other employees, you must be designated as an approver.

  1. [en] Select Work Log Approval to open the application. You can see the employees whose work hours you must approve.

  2. [en] Select filter_funnel.svg to apply filters to view the work hours you must approve. Select Employees I approve to see the work logs of all the employees you must approve.

  3. [en] Tap the status icon on the left to approve work log entries in Status ST:2. The approved work log entries are set to Status ST:4.


[en] The Approvals Application

[en] The Approvals application displays the items that require approval, such as purchase order items above a certain value.

  1. [en] Select Approvals to open the application. If approval is required, and you are designated as the approver, you can see these items here because the My pending approvals filter is applied by default. Select other filters as necessary. You can remove a filter by selecting X in the label.

  2. [en] Select the item to approve and select Approve.


[en] The Tasks (TASKS) application

  1. [en] To add, manage and track your tasks, select Tasks to open the Tasks application.

  2. [en] Select Plus_Sign_Grey_Back.svg and Create task to create a task. Select Start process to start a task process, Tasks can be organized into processes, which can contain one or more tasks. For more information about task and process in the RamBase desktop application, refer to Tworzenie nowego zadania Tworzenie nowego procesu.


[en] The Opportunities application

  • [en] Select Opportunities to add, view and manage your business opportunities. Use the application is to register business opportunities and track them through the different stages, from lead to deal. Select filter_funnel.svg to apply filters to the view. For more information about the Opportunities application n RamBase desktop, refer to Szanse sprzedaży.