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[en] Send Internal Messages to a Group (GRP)

[en] You can group several contacts together to create a group using the Group (GRP) application. Use the GRP application to send your message simultaneously to all the recipients in a group.

[en] Create a Group

  1. [en] Type GRP in the program field and press ENTER to open the Group (GRP) application.

  2. [en] Click Create GRP in the bottom left corner. The GROUP window opens.

  3. [en] Type a name for the group in the Name field and press ENTER.

  4. [en] Your name is automatically entered in the Owner field.

  5. [en] Select IMS Group from the Class drop-down menu. Refresh the page when finished.

  6. [en] To add new recipients, click Add Person to Group.

  7. [en] Choose the persons by selecting the Selected checkboxes on the left.

  8. [en] Click X or press the Esc key to close the popup.

  9. [en] To remove a person from the group, click the trashcan icon at the left of the Member in the GROUP window.

  10. [en] Go to Select Group in the Internal Message (IMS) window to send your message to a group you have created. Refer to Usługa wiadomości wewnętrznych (UWM).