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Quality management

Quality management is the process where the quality of the product or service is questioned. This includes all the procedures involved to fix the situation, so all parties are satisfied.

Output from quality management process

  • Corrective and preventive actions are implemented.

  • Complaints are registered and handled.

  • Returns are performed for suppliers and customers.

  • Statistics regarding quality are exported.

Every company should prioritize resources to keep the quality of the product or service as high as possible. Mistakes and errors can happen, and it is important to have a set routine to handle these situations without losing customers. RamBase offers a module for these instances, where both corrective and preventive actions are performed, to fix the situation at hand in addition to avoiding such instances in the future. The function for returning goods or allowing a customer to return goods is integrated into every aspect of RamBase that deals with deliveries. To get an overview over the quality over a period, the Quality Management module in RamBase offers reports where the statistics are clearly presented.

Tasks involved in this process

  • Corrective and preventive actions - Actions need to be taken in situations where the quality is less than ideal. Corrective actions are taken to fix the situation and preventive actions are needed to avoid the situation to reappear.

  • Complaints and returns - Complaints from customers need to be resolved, and any defective/damaged goods need to be returned.

  • Statistics - All businesses live by their reputation, and statistics regarding the quality of deliveries are key to find how well the business avoids quality issues.