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Follow up on article

After an article has been created, there are several different tasks you may perform. The article is presumably in ST:1, which means it is not ready for production, sale or purchase, and any searches will not be possible unless you set the radio button to New Articles.

Minimum Stock

To add a minimum stock, open the Local Stock folder and highlight the item line showing the stock. Press ENTER to open the popup where you can add the minimum stock in the MinStock field. You can also add the quantity for reorder here in the Reorderqty field. Minimum stock is calculated by RamBase in the Purchase program week by week. RamBase checks for production and sales orders on the article in question with the minimum stock, and calculates the quantity to purchase, and when to purchase based on this information to keep the minimum quantity of the article in stock. Lead time will also be a factor in this calculation, as it states the time the supplier needs to deliver, which will affect the quantity in the future. The Purchase group field allows you to set up a purchase group for this product.

Register a new article

To register a new article, press F12, or right click, to bring up the action menu and choose the option Set to ST:4 (Ordinary Article). This is the usual method and will enable the article to be ready for production, sale and purchase. It will also be searchable.

Deactivate an article

To deactivate an article, press F12, or right click, and choose the option Set to ST:9 (Discontinued). An article in ST:9 will not be available for production, sale or purchase. A discontinued article in ST:9 will not be available in searches, unless you set the radio button to Discontinued or All.

Change descriptions, values and settings

Assuming you have the correct admissions, you may change descriptions, values and settings for all articles. Any changes will not go into effect until a new document is created. Any existing documents will not be affected.

Add a set sales price

You may enter a set sales price to be used every time an article is entered into a sales document. This sales price may be adjusted, either permanently or just for the current document. To add a sales price, press the Create ARTSALESPRICE icon in the Main Data folder to open the popup. Enter the required information and press Submit to register. You may add several sales prices for different periods.

Block article

You may block any article from quotes, sales, invoice, offers and so on. This may be due to the article is temporary discontinued, or not desirable for any reason. The block is controlled using the drop down menu in the Blocking field.

Article transactions

If you want to view all transactions related to an article, you may use the Customer Items tab. This links to all customer documents related, and you may sort the result using the drop down menu. From here you may trace any sale or quote related to this article. The tab Supplier Items is also available for the same purpose, based on supplier documents.

Connect file to document

You may upload and connect documents to articles in RamBase, such as notes, drawings, specifications or any other files. If you are in the document, you may drag and drop the file directly on the File button. Or you may use the action menu and the option Notes and Attachments.

It is also possible to connect images to an article by using the icon Upload Image.

Automatic check/creation
  • RequireSnoNoToShip - If this is set to YES, Shipping Advises (SRT, CSA and STW) will require serial number before they can be shipped.

  • RequireSnoToReceive - If this is set to YES, Goods Reception (SSA) will require serial number before it can be registered as stock.

  • IncludeInLcmPartlist (PWO) - If this is set to YES, this article will automatically be included in part list of LCM if it's a part of a structure of a Production Work Order (PWO)

  • AutocreateSnoForLCM - If this is set to YES, serial number will automatically be created for LCM according to specific COM settings.

  • AutocreateSnooForSPO - If this is set to YES, serial number will automatically be created for Purchase Order (SPO) according to special COM settings.