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History of Rambase


Headquartered in Nedre Vats, Norway, RamBase delivers a fast, powerful and fully integrated cloud-based ERP. RamBase was the world`s first ERP in the cloud. The first version of RamBase was released in 1992, and has since then been through 4 generations of development.

  • Generation 1 of RamBase was the Assembly version, also available in DOS, released in 1992.

  • Generation 2 of RamBase was the TPD version, released in 1994.

  • Generation 3 of RamBase was the RamBase Internet Client (Silverlight version).

  • Generation 4 of RamBase is the HTML5 version, released in 2014 together with SQL.

RamBase ERP is a product of Hatteland, refined over 40 years of global business experience with demanding clients within wholesale distribution, e-commerce and manufacturing. This expertise has led to the development of enterprise applications that have become a growth platform for businesses around the world.