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The Task Application (TASK)

You can use TASK to create and organize various tasks for yourself and other employees in your company.


To open TASK, select Collaboration > Task > Task in the RamBase main menu. You can also enter TASK in the Program field and select the ENTER key.

Create a task
  1. To create a new task, select Create_Task_ButtonAsset_6.svg.

  2. Enter a descriptive name for the task in Title,

  3. You can assign the task to yourself or any other employee in the company. SelectDown_Arrow_IconAsset_2.svg to open the employee lookup or select right_arow_in_black_box_icon.svg to open the PER application. Select the necessary employee in the PER application.

  4. Select calendar-blank-line.svg and Clock_Icon.svg to specify the date and time by whch the task must be completed, the Deadline.

  5. Select Private if this task is private and must be visible only to you.

  6. Select Create another if you want to create another task after you create the current task.

  7. Select OK. The new task is created.

  8. Select Start_Process_ButtonAsset_11.svg to specify the task Process template, Process name, Deadline and if the task is Private. Select Manage templates right_arow_in_black_box_icon.svg to open the Process Template (PTM) application. Refer to Process Templates (PTM) for more information.

Task List

The left pane in TASK shows the list of your tasks. The tasks can be in one of five statuses.

  1. To Do

  2. In Progress

  3. Done

  4. Archived

  5. Deleted. You cannot see deleted tasks.

  • Set the status icon on the left of the task to another status such as In Progress, or Done. Once you set a task as Done, it is archived after a period of time. A deleted task is not displayed in the task list.

  • Select filter_funnel.svg to apply filters to the displayed tasks. You can apply filters to view active tasks in ST:1, ST:4 and ST:8 - tasks that are To do, In progress or Done. Archived ST:9 displays only the archived tasks. Unfinished tasks ST:1 and ST:4 displays tasks that are To do or In progress. Finished tasks ST:8 and ST:9 displays tasks that are Done or Archived.

  • Deselect Asset_3.svg to view the archived tasks.

  • Select 4_Squares_Icon.svg to view the tasks in one of the following views.

    • List view by deadline. This is the default view, where the tasks are arranged by deadline date in descending order. Select Cogwheel_Icon.svg to change the default view.

    • List view by created at. This list view shows the tasks according to the date of creation in the descending order.

    • List view by process. This view lists the tasks sorted by the processes they are a part of.

    • Board view by status. This list gives the tasks as a board divided into the various statuses. You can drag the tasks in this list to rearrange them.

    • Board view by deadline. This list is given as a board divided into three columns - Today, Tomorrow and Later. The tasks are placed into the applicable columns depending on their deadlines. The list can be rearranged by dragging.

      The first time you move a task to the Later column, you are prompted to specify the number of days to postpone the deadline, which is saved and set as the default. The default can be changed using Deadline late by. Select Cogwheel_Icon.svg to set the Deadline late by, which can be from 2 to 9 days.

Task details
  • Title. Enter a descriptive name for your task.

  • Description. Enter the description of your task here.

  • Checklist. Select Add_Item_ButtonAsset_8.svg to add one or several checklist item to the task. You can select the checkboxes when the checklist items are done.

  • Status. Change the status of the task by selecting the necessary icon.

  • Deadline. You can change the date and time of the deadline for the task by selecting calendar-blank-line.svg and Clock_Icon.svg.

  • Priority. Set the priority of the task as one of the following.

    • Critical

    • High

    • Medium

    • Low.

  • Activity. Select the type of activity associated with the task as follows.

    • None

    • Phonecall

    • Meeting

    • Email.

  • Assigned to. Select right_arow_in_white_box_icon.svg to open the Personell menuPER application, where you can search for and select the person to assign the task to. You can also select Down_Arrow_IconAsset_2.svg to search for the person by name or PID.

    Process. If the task is part of a process, the process is shown here. Select right_arow_in_white_box_icon.svg to open the Task Process (TSP) application. for more information about TSP, refer to The Task Process Management Application (TSP).

  • Created by. The creator of the task.

  • Total registered hours. Shows the aggregate hours registered for this task.

  • The following tabs are available in the Task Details pane.

    • Registered hours. select Register_time_ButtonAsset_9.svg to register hours against your task and add a comment.

    • Tags. You can select various types of tags for your task and enter or select the tag. For every type of tag except Custom, a tag lookup is available. For example, if you select Employee, you can lookup the employees and select the necessary employee to create the tag.

    • Custom fields. The custom fields that you create and associate with TASK are shown here.